Edigma Ingeniería, S.L. is an engineering consulting firm that brings together a multidisciplinary team, both by its own staff as well as its business connections, all of them, with a broad experience in the field. Our company is made up of engineers, biologists, geographers and bachelors of Environmental Science able to solve and deal with every aspect related to the development, the engineering project execution and environmental studies.

Edigma Ingeniería, S.L was founded by a group of self-employed professionals who started working on engineering projects. Since then, we have been working in this field offering a range of services covering all aspect related to the activity and environmental engineering with a wide range of services such as, legal and financial advice, consulting, design, basic and detail engineering, site management and turnkey projects.

Adjudicación estudio paisajístico para un central hidráulica

SOCOIN ha contratado a Edigma Ingeniería la realización de un estudio de integración paisajística necesario en una central hidráulica reversible en Ourense, línea de alta tensión de 220 kV de 13 km y diversas instalaciones complementarias. Se trata de unos trabajos de una gran complejidad tanto por la envergadura de las actuaciones como por las [...]

Biomass Plant – 2011

EDIGMA INGENIERIA is required to make an urban planning project including a community interest statement as well as a landscape integration study for a Biomass plant from remains of pruning and silvicultural treatments in Vinaroz.

Association for Urban development (ADERVI) – 2010

EDIGMA INGENIERIA has been awarded with the technical part of a development project called BIOMAT. This project wants to improve and solve current problems that the energy plants have based on biomass consumption.